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What is Virtualization?

Virtualization is a proven software technology that is rapidly transforming the IT landscape and fundamentally changing the way that people compute. Virtualization lets you run multiple virtual machines on a single physical machine, sharing the resources of that single computer across multiple environments. Virtualizing the IT infrastructure lets you reduce IT costs while increasing the efficiency, utilization, and flexibility of your existing assets

Virtualization Solution

ITC Virtualization Solution can help your business significantly by reducing costs and increasing the efficiency and responsiveness of your IT operations by transforming or “virtualizes” the hardware resources of an x86-based computer including the CPU, RAM, hard disk and network controller to create a fully functional virtual machine that can run its own operating system and applications.

The course of action

Consolidation: The mainstream of servers in today’s data centers operate significantly below capacity. Using VMware, your organization can significantly reduce the amount of IT hardware in the data center

Development and Testing: The Virtualization platform provides a powerful and cost effective way to aggregate all development and test resources that can be shared more easily by all application teams that IT supports and allows IT to quickly repurpose infrastructure as project needs change.

Management: Virtualization reduces the resource cost by simplifying and automates labor and resource intensive IT operations.

Disaster Recovery: Virtualization reduces the cost of hardware for Disaster Recovery and improves application availability.

vSphere Infrastructure virtualization services

VMware vSphere is the next evolutionary step in IT computing and the most trusted virtualization platform available. Virtualization platform is the foundation for private and public clouds, using federation and standards to bridge cloud infrastructures—creating a hybrid cloud structure that can respond to your evolving business needs, reduce your capital and operating costs and increase control over IT infrastructures while preserving the flexibility to choose any OS, application and hardware.

Infrastructure virtualization Diagram

Why the business want to go with virtualization

Increase the server utilization rates.

Reduce the amount of servers

Lower your IT costs by reducing real estate, power and cooling requirements

Improved Manageability and Security

Green your datacenter while decreasing costs and improving service levels

Business continuity with protected backups and virtual environments

Power down servers without affecting applications or users