ICT Qatar

Access your PC or Mac from anywhere as though you were sitting right in front of it. It’s easy…and free!

Enjoy 24/7 unlimited mobility - access your work or home computer from anywhere using your laptop, netbook, iPhone, or Windows Mobile device
Improve productivity and save time - get to your remote files and applications in seconds
Have fun! Share your digital photo albums, music and video files, or anything you keep on your Mac or PC (Windows or Linux)


Remote access - Access all of your computers (PCs or Macs) from any other computer connected to the Internet. With NTRconnect Free, up to 2 computers are free. *You can contract as many computers as you want at a low monthly price per computer.
Remote control - Access your PC or Mac's desktop, e-mail, files and programs from any computer or smartphone.
Invitation to share desktop - Share your desktop with friends and colleagues and work together.
Remote access from smartphones - Access your PC or Mac's data, documents and programs from your smartphone.
Multi-platform - Compatible with Windows, Linux Mac and smartphones. (See details)
Multi-browser - Compatible with Internet Explorer (IE7), Netscape, Mozilla Firefox, Camino and Safari (Mac) browsers.
Secure 256-bit encryption - All communication is sent encrypted with the 256-bit AES point-to-point algorithm.
Secure access - Access password protected.
Technical support via e-mail - Get fast technical support from NTRglobal via e-mail.
Remote sound - Hear music, email alerts and other sounds from your remote computer through your local speakers while your remote computer is silent.**
Security reports - View all login attempts
Premium customer support - Receive premium customer support via phone or chat
Advanced keycard security - Improve access security by strengthening your password with a keycard.
Keyboard, mouse and screen blocking - Increase the confidentiality of your connections by automatically blocking the keyboard, mouse and screen of the remote computer.
File transfer - Transfer files from one computer to another, avoiding the need to use CDs or USB memory cards.
Local printing of remote documents - Print documents stored on remote machines right to local printers, with no printer configuration required.
Drawing tools - Easy access to a toolbox of visual aids that help clarify desktop sharing sessions.
NTRconnect high-speed platform - Connect to the new NTRconnect platform ensuring the highest security and reliability.
Remote startup (Wake-on-LAN) - If your computer has a Wake-on-LAN capability, you will be able to both start and work with it remotely.

Skype integration - Share your desktop directly with your Skype contacts with a single click*.